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      This page is all about Steve Tate a lifelong Green Bay Packer fan.  He is not only the greatest Packer fan I know, he is one of the greatest people I know!  In 1995 he became a Packer Shareholder (a lifelong dream of his).   In 1995 he attended his first Packer game.  Since 2003 he has attended all of the Packers’ Green package home games. In 2010 he was able to attend seven Packer home games and two of our road games. He went to the NFC Championship game in Chicago and Super Bowl XLV in Texas, where he cheered on the Packers to our 13th World Championship

     Steve truly enjoys hanging out and interacting with other Packer fans.  By doing this he gets to meet a lot of people from all over our country and the world.  All of this has allowed him to make more connections with Packer, and other, NFL fans.  Steve encourages good sportsmanship and positive memories. The relationships that get established are FANtastic, even the brief ones, and some turn out to become lifelong friends.  He relishes the opportunity to show other fans around Lambeau Field and to be an “ambassador” for our team.   In 2012 he had the privilege of being on the field in Lambeau Field to assist in holding the United States Flag during our National Anthem before the kickoff of the Packers/Bears game.
     Each year Steve travels to multiple away games.  Over the past three years he has traveled to: Indianapolis, Washington, Chicago Bears (three times), Detroit (twice), Saint Louis, Houston, Cincinnati, Seattle, New Orleans, Baltimore, Minnesota, and Dallas just to see his Packers bring home a victory.  Over the years he has become a fan of fans.  For the past five years Steve tries to secure additional home tickets beyond his one, so that he can help other fans experience the history and majesty of Lambeau Field. There is NO PLACE LIKE LAMBEAU FIELD!! Besides just securing tickets for out of towner’s, he also invites them into his home.  It seems that every home game has become a weekend of him becoming a Green Bay tour guide.  From Saturday thru Monday you can usually find Steve in the area taking that weekends guest(s) for their memorable journey.

     Steve really enjoys being engaged in life and living in the community. He believes in giving back to the communities.  He is a member of the Green & Gold Society where we raise funds for Special Olympics, and participate in the annual Polar Plunge in Green Bay. He also attends multiple fundraisers each year to help support the Packers and local charities. 

     Steve really enjoys being a part of the Packer family. He is a fan that talks in “we” and “us” in relation to the Packers. "I tailgate and I know the joys, the pains, and the camaraderie that makes us family, which cause me to invest my emotions, time and money with other fans, as well as the Packers".

     Here are a few of his recent clips form various media outfits:

1/26/15: Interview  with Teri Barr on 1310 WIBA: http://www.wiba.com/media/podcast-madison-in-the-morning-highlights-madisonmorning/steve-the-owner-tate-12615-25760725/
1/18/15: Interviewed by Marisa Silvas from NBC 15 on Sunday: http://www.nbc15.com/home/headlines/Heartbreaking-loss-for-Packer-fans-288989141.html
1/16/15: Washington Post about WA cheese ban: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/early-lead/wp/2015/01/15/a-cheese-ban-in-washington-may-be-taking-nfc-title-game-matchup-with-packers-a-little-far/
1/9/15: Live at Five Channel 3 CBS:  http://www.channel3000.com/30634500
1/18/15: Marisa story of our home and interview with Fran and I on Saturday NBC 15:  http://www.nbc15.com/home/headlines/Lifelong-Packers-fan-nominated-for-special-honor-287475831.html

Scott Walker is looking for a hug from me:






Also just recently the NFL Network covered which team is owned by their fans.  My part must have been filmed in the year 2000s because there is almost no grey in the beard.