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Who is Cheese FORCE???


Adam Dillman - Darth Packer

     I was born in the wrong state!! I was born in Richmond,IN and grew up around colts, bengals, browns, and steelers fans. Luckly, I was born to a PACKERS FAN, thanks to my mother! I always liked football growing up, and in fourth grade I decided I needed a team. So I went home from school that day and told my mom, I wanted a NFL team to cheer for. So she sat me down and told me about the Packers. I was amazed with what she told me about Vince Lombardi, and Bart Starr, and all the other players. What got me the most was they won the first and Second Super Bowl! So that weekend I watched the Packers and it happended to be Brett Favre's 1st season with the Pack.  I've been hooked ever since. It was hard growing up in Indiana being a die hard Packers fan, but I've managed very well.  I can hold my own against any other fan. My first trip to Green Bay was for training camp in 2002, and it was the best trip I had taken up to that point in my life. The fans there were awesome and treated me like family.  After that trip I said I would make it to Green Bay at least twice a year. I have done that ever since 2002, I've been to Sunday games, and Monday Night, and I don't even have to have a hotel room because I've slept in my car on three different trips there.  I JUST WANT TO BE THERE AND CHEER ON MY PACKERS!! Over the last couple of years I've been trying to come up with a character that I can wear, to show how much I love my team. So after many, many ideas and hours working on it, I came up with Darth Packer. It's a combination of the Star Wars darth vader, and the packers 1977 game uniform. I had the helmet done last season and wore it to a game with titletown clown, and everyone loved it! The 3rd woman to ask for a picture, asked if i had a name, and I said no, so she gave me Darth Packer. When I came home from that game my brothers and I worked on a blueprint and I went from there.  I do have to give credit to my brother Sgt.Colt, he made my jersey and cape, and my other brother Doug helped me paint other parts. With the combined effort we made a great custom!  I hope I've shown how much I love my Packers and football in general for all ages young and old.


Wayne Sargent - The Ultimate Packer Fan

    I grew up in Manchester, N.H. In 1967 at the age of 12 while watching the Green Bay Packers on TV I admired Bart Starr and immediately became a fan of the Green Bay Packers.

     The short of it is in my adult life some 20 years ago I was offered and accepted a job offer in Wisconsin and shortly thereafter moved my family here. Two years later through a lottery I got to purchase the “Gold Package” as a Season Ticket Holder and my dream became a reality. Seven years ago my number came up and I was offered Club Seats for the “Green Package”, my dream was totally fulfilled as I now have tickets to all home games.

     After many years of collecting Packer Memorabilia my yellow home with green trim and shutters is referred to as a Packer Shrine. Last year Fox News filmed a documentary that went national of my “Shrine” as The Ultimate Packer Collection.
My passion for the Packers has won “The Ultimate Packer Fan” contest, a contest that is put on by the Packer Partners Club of Champions, the official fan club of the Green Bay Packers. Upon winning that contest I was dubbed by my peers as “The Ultimate Packer Fan”

     Last December I was 1/5 winners in a national contest sponsored by Guinness Beer called “The Boldest Fan of The Game”. To enter the contest each contestant had to answer 5 essay questions with a minimum of 400 words each. The questions pertained to one’s dedication to their team and the sport of football. The contest was judged by the same judges that choose the entrants each year to be placed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

     My prize for winning included a round trip for two to Indianapolis for the Superbowl and a bronze bust statue of myself of which I have one and the other is placed in the Guinness wing inside the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.
Currently I am the creator and webmaster of www.theultimatepackerfan.com and www.theultimatepackerfanconnection.com. On Facebook I have created and monitor “The Ultimate Packer Fan” Group and “The Ultimate Packer Fan Connection” pages. I am the Founder of an annual event called “The Ultimate Packer Fan Connection”. An event that replicates the Packer Fan Fest to raise money for charity's.


Rick Steele - Cheese-Wedge

    My name is Rick Steele, aka Cheese-Wedge, and I (along with my wife, son and daughter) am a DIEHARD Green Bay Packers fan. We live in a town called Greensburg, which is located about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We eat, drink, sleep, and breathe the Packers. So how does one become a Packer fan in Greensburg you ask? Marriage! One of Kristi's dreams was to always go to Lambeau Field and see a game. Trying to be the best husband EVER, I wanted to make this happen for her. On Monday, November 10, 2003 we saw our first game at Lambeau. It was a cold, rainy Monday night game against the Eagles. Unfortunately they lost 17 – 14, but something magical happened that trip. I had been a football fan my whole life, but there was just something that I absolutely fell in love with about Green Bay and the Packers. On that trip we purchased our first piece of Packers memorabilia. That was the start of what has become five and a half full rooms that are dedicated to nothing but the Packers.

      2012 was a VERY big year for me and my obsession with the Green Bay Packers. I became the 14th person inducted into the Green Bay Packers Fan Hall of Fame. It started when I submitted an essay to be entered into the contest. I entered honestly NEVER thinking I had a shot of winning. I actually forgot about entering until Kristi and I were driving our rental car, yes we were in Green Bay for the Raiders game, towards Lambeau and my phone rang. I recognized the area code but had no idea who it could be. The lady on the phone informed me that she was with the Packers and that I was chosen as one of the 10 finalists. I was shocked! The contest started on January 1 and ended the day of the Super Bowl. It was the longest six weeks of my life. When the contest ended I was actually behind in the online voting portion of the contest. The winner was to be announced on Valentines Day in the media center in Lambeau field. I flew up to Milwaukee the night before the contest and then traveled to Green Bay the next day. I couldn't believe I was actually sitting in the Packers media center listening to Packers President Mark Murphy talk about the contest. At the end of his speech he announced my name as the contest winner. I was overwhelmed with joy! I was called on stage, took a few pictures with Mr. Murphy, and then gave a small acceptance speech. It was definitely one of the top three moments of my life. It is truly an honor to be recognized for my extreme passion for the Packers.


Steve Tate - "The Owner"

     I am a lifelong Green Bay Packer (a cheese-head) fan and, therefore, a lifetime NFL fan. In 1997 I was able to become a Green Bay Packer Shareholder when I purchased a share of stock. I was able to attend my first Packer playoff game just after I became a Shareholder (I turned 40 that weekend and my mother bought tickets for a gift to me and my sister, brother and wife). My sister made up a banner. While she was making the banner I had her paint, in green, "NFL" on one side and "OWNER" on other side of my cheesewedge. I have been wearing this to Packer games ever since.

   After 9/11 I placed a flag on the front of my NFL OWNER cheesewedge and started to wear a full Packer uniform. I did serve in the Air Force and I have nephews that are in the Marine Corps. I have been able to attend a number of Packer games throughout the years and believe in the teamwork, fellowship, discipline and joy that the NFL games provide.

   I also believe that everyone should be able to go to a game and root for their team while displaying good sportsmanship no matter how long and passionate the rivalry/game may be. I have enjoyed the relationships that I have been able to establish by going to games and tailgating before and after NFL games.