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        Hello.  My name is Rick Steele and I, along with my wife Kristi and son Brett, am a DIEHARD Green Bay Packer fans. We live in a town called Greensburg, which is located about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We eat, drink, sleep, and breathe the Packers.   Even though we are over 700 miles away, win or lose, we are green and gold FOREVER!    Go Pack Go

      These are pictures of our Packer Bar.  There are also pictures of specific packer memorabilia from our collection.  I built this room.  Along with the help of a few friends, this was a two car garage up until six years ago.  When we ran out of space in the den we had to expand.  This is where we spend our Sundays during football season.  I get the chair on the right and Kristi gets the couch. 

     These are pictures of our Packer Den.  There are also pictures of specific packer memorabilia from our collection.  This was the first room of our house that contained Packer memorabilia.  It all started in 2003 with the Favre photo above the fireplace.  The carpeting in this room was the first ever shipped out of the state of Wisconsin.  I built the tables, jersey cases, shadow box, and all of the picture frames in the den.

      These are pictures that I recently have taken of my new Packer Bathroom.  Brett and I just remodeled this room over the 2011 Christmas break.  I made the toilet paper holder out of 2 mini-helmets and a piece of walnut.  The wood is brown and shaped like a football.  The Packer helmet towel holder is made from a replica Super Bowl XLV helmet.  I cut the back off on a bandsaw and then used brass angle brackets to attach it to the wall.  Two monogramed golf towels hang from the face mask.  I also made the light above the medicine cabinet.

      These are pictures of Brett’s Packer bedroom.  We redesigned his room for his 2010 Christmas present.  The Lambeau Field mural has been on his wall since he was a baby.  He chose the yellow walls with the green stripe.  He also chose the Clay Matthews Fathead.  He didn’t want it at first because of Clay’s long hair hanging out of the helmet.  He has grown to like it now.

    These are pictures from our office and Packer Family Room.  The paintings on the purplish walls are in the office.  The living room started with the “From Leather to Legendary”.  I was just allowed start placing Packer memorabilia in this room.  Kristi was resistant at first, but being the awesome person she is, she caved. I built the four shadow box tables in this room.  We wanted something that severed as both a table and a shadow box.  The are made of my own design out of red oak.