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     Hey Packer Nation!  GBDraftDog is back and it is time to take a look at Round Two of this year's upcoming draft.  One pick down and the motto for the Packers stays the same "Athletes on Defense...and snag a Tight End along the Way".  We filled a hole at OLB in Round One with Georgia Tech's Jeremiah Attaochu.  Still looking at (in no particular order) at ILB, S, TE, DT and WR.

Round Two:

I really was hoping for a Safety in Round One - although I do have faith in Micah Hyde there.  Those top two guys were gone though.  The rumor mill says that GB really likes Deone Bucannon from Washington State, but the problem is that others do too.  We miss out on Safety again as he will be gone by our Round Two pick.  

Snag a what?  Quarless is a fine #2, and Bostic a fine #3, but we need a #1 tight end and there are two to get at this point...with a pretty steep drop-off after them.  I like CJ Fiedorowicz from Iowa, but I'm going to error on the side of bigger receiving threat.  This is really all we need on the offensive side of the ball, although I'm not sold on any of our WRs after Boykin and a team can always use young OL guys to develop.

On the clock:

It again comes down to two talented players.  

TE - Austin Seferain-Jenkins - Washington - 6-6/267/4.75 40

Three year player who averaged 12.6 YPC and 7 TDs per year.  Was considered a first round talent till injuring his foot.  Can block and catch and would be a phenomenal red zone target.

TE - Troy Niklas - Notre Dame - 6-6/270/4.85 40

Converted LB who is still learning the position but obviously a quick learner.  Last year averaged 15.6 YPC and had 5 TDs.  Another guy who can play all areas of the position.

Its a coin toss really, and it could come down to which one is left, assuming they are both left...

GBDraftDog picks - Austin Seferain-Jenkins?

Two picks in Round Three.  Our pick and a supplemental pick for losing Greg Jennings.  Could it be a spot to land a WR?  Check back for Round Three Analysis soon!


     Hey Packer Nation!  GBDraftDog thinking its time to take a look at this year's upcoming draft.  The motto for the Packers this year has to be "Athletes on Defense...and snag a Tight End along the Way".  We have holes (in no particular order) at OLB, ILB, S, TE, DT and WR.  I'll hit the guys with my round-by-round analysis of what the Packers should do in the 2014 Draft...maybe sprinkle in a little look at whose left on a thin remaining free agent market.

Round One:

     The only round one talent at TE is North Carolina's Eric Ebron, and he will be long gone by the time we hit the clock.  We all know there is a glaring hole at Safety (realistic both safety spots), but Ha Ha Clinton-Dix from Alabama and Calvin Pryor from Louisville will both be gone also.  We are now into the front seven.  We have starters across the DL with Peppers, Raji, Jones/Daniels.  Although Raji is on a one year deal, I still cannot see us drafting a non-starter in round one (although unfortunately we did last year - thanks Datone!).  That leaves us with our linebacking core.

A. AJ Hawk - solid but not spectacular...also not going anywhere.
B. Clay Matthews - obviously not going anywhere

Now we are down to:

ILB - Brad Jones
OLB - Nick Perry

On the clock:

I think this comes down to two guys...

ILB - Ryan Shazier (6-1/237) - Ohio State

He could play some OLB, but he does not have the size.  A pair of Buckeyes on the inside, why not!  Shazier is a freaky athlete who not only had 144 tackles last year, but also 7 sacks and 23.5 tackles for a loss.  Does Bard Jones have that in a career?  This is the guy who can both drop Frank Gore in teh backfield, as well as play sideline to sideline tracking Colin Kaepernick.  He would be a great fit and the big plus is that we don't have to see Brad Jones anymore...we just have to pay him.

OLB - Jeremiah Attaochu (6-3/250) - Georgia Tech

A guy who actually played 3-4 OLB in college?  Novel draft idea.  He successfully played two years of OLB when Georgia Tech played a 3-4.  Last year he successfully played DE since they moved to a 4-3. The guy is a freak athlete with experience getting after the QB and dropping into coverage.  Assuming he would be lining up behind Peppers, half the field is shut off.

GBDraftDog Picks - Jeremiah Attaochu

I got my eye on a super athletic ILB in a few rounds.  Check back for that write up soon!

Go Pack Go and Go CHEESE FORCE!!!


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